Volunteers are all willing to buy the down jackets she sold

“The weather is getting colder and colder, and I’m going to buy some down clothes for my husband, my parents and their nanny.” Not long after, Xiao volunteers grandparents captain Chen Aiping alone would pick up 1000 yuan clothes.

Chen Aiping told reporters that she was touched by grandma Chen’s deeds in the evening paper. In their WeChat group, everyone is talking about Chen Jinying’s good faith. Then we decided to buy the down clothes together. Chen Aiping opened the “Lotus” grandparents unit WeChat group told reporters that the registration activities issued, unit. There are more than 40 volunteers said you want to buy a jacket.

“People pick up firewood flame high, our volunteers can help a little more help a little more.” In addition to the grandparents of the team are old people, Chen Jinying’s old man’s down suit is very suitable for us. ” Chen Aiping said.

Lotus volunteers, Lishui Yuyue Brewing Food Co. chairman Chen Xudong also went to the home for the elderly to choose jacket. “As an entrepreneur, the honest spirit of Chen Jinying’s old man can make me feel deeply sympathetic to him. We must try our best to help the old man.” At the sight of Chen Jinying, Chen Xudong took the hand of the old man tightly.

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