Many people rush to buy a long down jacket

The official Pingchang Olympics sports shoes last week to accept reservations, as of 7 at 12 in the morning, bookings over the first production volume of 50 thousand double, 6 night bookings exceeded 120 thousand pairs.

This sneaker is a special product from Pingchang Winter Olympic president’s down jacket. Lotte general store is a special product launched in commemoration of the Winter Olympic Games. It is made of cowhide, with the slogan “Passion, Connected” on the back of the Winter Olympic Games slogan. The price of Pingchang sports shoes is 50-70% lower than that of similar products on the market, only 50 thousand won (about RMB 303 yuan).

According to reports, the shoes will go from the beginning of January 2018, the official Pingchang Olympics in Lotte Department stores. Lotte Department official said, in order to prevent similar Pingchang down berserk scenes of chaos, and for customer safety, coordination is on the sale of sports shoes at the place and time.

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