Wearing down coat can also be a fashion

Referring to fashion, the single product appeared in mind for the first time is a variety of coat, whether it is mink or wool, or other common fabrics, it is a good hand with concave shape. As for the soft jacket, plasticity is not so strong, not to go the fashion route if it is not impossible, remember four words, carefully selected, otherwise, anything.

As a warm bear, the down jacket can also be fashion. Because of the restriction of traditional thinking, the woman down cognition, has been stuck in the practical burst table, indeed, down jacket, is born in order to resist the cold, however, is not just to resist the cold, even the black version of the van is so, what a good question.

In life there is no lack of such a woman, wearing a coat would freeze to death, is not willing to be wrapped in a down jacket, temperature manner not to can understand the feelings, ignore the jacket style itself is wrong, with the sky blue filter effect and simple lattice lines together, you don’t even have the tacit understanding.

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