Will wearing down jackets make you less sexy???

The weather is getting cold, you are not about to take down? To say that winter is indispensable, there is such a “four piece”: coat, trousers, scarf and wool cap. In fact, with the most basic single product can be collocation and rich, sexy people can still wear sexy in the winter.

The following is the past two weeks in the light of awn magazine the most popular articles, including down jacket and sweater best wear, scarf and hat to collocation, Kindle guide, a considerable gifts proposal, finally is suitable for the weekend and a single list of sexy travel destinations.

When the brush micro-blog a few days ago to see the correct method of clothing was down on the hot search list, we can see that in the winter to warm down jacket, or consider fashion, stylish and wear a paragraph, this is not a luxury, winter should choose which jacket and how collocation, see this this article will know: actually, I think “jacket” can save it, I wish the boys can keep warm and cool winter.

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