7 steps to help you choose your right down jacket

Look at the product quality label, inspection report and so on. According to the state of the down garment, the down clothing must be marked with the type, the amount of down and the amount of cashmere, to see if these items are clearly marked.

The content of cashmere and velvet in the down is the percentage. According to the regulations, the content of the cashmere should not be less than 50%. The higher the velvet of the same kind of down clothing, the better the effect of heating, but in fact, the general consumer choice of 70% – 80% of the content of the cashmere can meet the demand.

The amount of cashmere is the total amount of down feathers filled with down clothes. The more it is, the more the clothes sink, the warmer the down clothes will be. The key to improving the warmth is the fluffiness of the fillings: the higher the fluffy, the better the heat insulation. In recent years, some light down clothes have good thermal insulation effect.

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