Bosideng gains more profit

The evening of November 28th, Bosideng International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Bosideng”) disclosure 2017 interim results, the first half operating income of 2 billion 959 million yuan, an increase of 15.3%. Net profit increased by 11% to 175 million yuan.

Bosideng brand three business down business, OEM management business and non business income down 1 billion 484 million yuan respectively, 677 million yuan, 798 million yuan. It is worth noting that in the three major businesses, the non down business has increased rapidly, and its operating income increased by 76.6% over the same period. Down and OEM processing management business rose by 2.3%, 1.9% respectively.

Over the past few years, due to overcapacity, excessive expansion of clothing, product differentiation is insufficient and the impact of factors such as electricity providers, as a domestic industry leader Bosideng down jacket, also feel a winter chills. According to the Bosideng performance report, in 2015 the company revenues of 6 billion 293 million yuan, 8 billion 238 million yuan more than last year fell 23.6%, net profit of 132 million yuan, down 81%. The brand down clothing and non down clothing business have suffered “heavy disaster”. The report shows that, Bosideng down jacket brand sales fell 6 billion 57 million yuan from the year 2014 to 4 billion 80 million yuan, of which four brand Bosideng, snow flying, frozen and Compro are two digit decline. The main brand Bosideng fell 20.3%, the largest decline was 79.2% pingjie.

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