Fashion down jackets are more and more popular with the advanced age

In winter, the down clothes are hot. The reporter visited the market found in previous years sought after young frivolous down jacket winter to expand the circle of friends, for the elderly of preference. Many middle-aged and elderly people say that this kind of down clothing feels very light on the body, and it is active and warm.

The day before, service area, a mall in Binjiang Road down the reporter saw, buy down jacket a lot in the elderly. Deng Dun, a Nankai District resident and his friends, is choosing a down jacket. She saw a 800 yuan light weight down jacket. The down weight of the down garment is 90%, which is very satisfactory for the old man after trying it on. The reporter found that in the area, most of the cashmere in the light and thin down clothes in the area are more than 90%, of which the price is most popular around 800 yuan. During the interview, many middle-aged and elderly consumers indicated that they used to like heavy down coats, and felt that they were thick enough to keep warm. But after wearing them, they looked bloated and their activities were not very convenient. Now the market has a lot of light and thin, although it is very light in hand, but it also has a good warming effect.

A saleswoman of a brand down clothing saleswoman, Ms. Ma, said that in the past years, light weight down clothing is usually only welcomed by young people. But in this year’s middle and old age down jacket, the medium and long fashion, light and thin down garments are the majority, and sales are good. Although the down clothing is thinner, but because of the high quantity of cashmere and the quality of the down feather, the light and thin down clothes can also get good warmth retention effect. In addition, there is another change in this year’s down jacket, which is reflected in the color. The black, gray and blue down color is less, and the colors are more colorful.

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