The best credit redemption company

You have too many credits and your current debt ratio is too high? Our rigor and our experience allow us to offer you the purchase of credit for owner or tenant that suits you best. Do not wait, a credit redemption or credit consolidation can allow you
to balance your budget again.

The benefits of New Loan, Credit Redemption Company

The benefits of New Loan, Credit Redemption Company

In our credit redemption organization, we treat each loan consolidation application with great care and kindness. Only one counselor will take care of your case from beginning to end. We analyze in detail your situation and your wishes in order to offer you the best possible credit redemption.
We interview all banks specialized in loan repurchase. Then we offer you the most interesting credit redemption simulation for you, in your interest.

What are the fees during a redemption?

When calculating the repurchase of credit, we will add the outstanding amounts (capital remaining due) of all your consumer credits, personal loans, revolving credits, car loans, online credits and other credits. cons. At this total amount, we will add cash according to your wishes and credit redemption fees.
These fees are broken down into the bank’s file fees (impossible to negotiate) and brokerage fees (also known as a capital search warrant). These are negotiable. Loan is not greedy in brokerage fees, we apply even the lowest fees of the market, between 3% and 5% of the amount of your credit redemption (some companies of repurchase of credit apply 8%!).

Make a credit redemption comparison

Make a credit redemption comparison

That’s why when redeeming credit online, apart from the new monthly payment that you will get after funding, it is important to know all the fees that will be applied.

Sometimes, a long duration for your loan buyback is necessary to meet the criteria of remaining to live or debt ratio, but be aware that you have the possibility to proceed with a partial early repayment (with a minimum of 10% of amount borrowed) without any penalty if you repay less than USD 10,000 over a period of 12 months. Beyond USD 10,000 of early redemption, the penalty will be 1%. For real estate loan consolidation (with more than 60% mortgages), the prepayment penalty will be 3%.

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